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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tea Jokes

Happy Boy in a Tea Cup
Originally uploaded by NDLJ

Why did the tea bag have to do its laundry?
Because it was stained.

What is a baby teapot's favorite game?

How long does it take to ship tea from China?
Oolong time!

What does the teapot say to its bag?
I don't want another steep out of you!

Why must you be careful of tea at night?
Because it might mug you!


Rosemary said...

Too funny Denise! Love the photo.

Kelly said...

I love the Oolong time...!

It has been oolong time since I have been out blogging, and I have missed having tea with you here! It was nice to catch up this morning. You will be happy to know your Gecohi Vikes took the Conference championship last night, and blew out Batavia in the process! It was one amazing game, and I sat in the rain for hours, not wanting to miss any of it!

Bernideen said...

Very funny........

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

That's great news about the Vikings, Kelly. Brings back some great memories of what was always a great high school football team! I'm humming "Geneva, Let's Go" at this very moment!! :-)

joan said...

Oolong time.....groan!

I posted a picture for you.

Anonymous said...

Those tea quips brought a chuckle, thanks for keeping things light hearted.
Nan Taylor
Tea Graces

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