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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A New Tea Brewing Machine

The Fine T Machine

Jane Pettigrew's been busy working with the Meyer Group who have just launched their brand new Fine T tea brewing machine. Says Jane, "This wonderful little machine is now available in the UK and the US and it's brewing up a good deal of interest. It is designed and programmed to brew just about any tea at the right temperature and for the right amount of time so that every cup of tea is as near to perfect as possible. It's perfect for new tea drinkers who are just getting into loose leaf speciality teas but don't feel very confident about how to brew them, and it's a treat for existing tea lovers who don't have all the thermometers, filters and timers that you really need to brew perfect tea. Fine T does the thinking for you as long as you know what category of tea you wish to brew. All you have to do is pour in the water, measure in the tea, press a button or two and the machine does the rest for you."

"The Fine T Machine is set to 160° F for greens and whites and at 205° F for blacks, puerhs, oolongs, and herbal and fruit infusions. Timings vary from 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes or 5 minutes, and for a second or third infusion, you can choose your own timing. It's also designed to give you information – on the little digital screen on the front of the machine – about what it's actually doing at any point in the brewing process and how long you'll have to wait until your pot of tea is ready. So it will ask you if you've poured in the water, if the teapot is in place; it will tell you if the infusing basket is not closed properly; it will tell you if the water is heating or the tea is infusing; it will ask if you wish to brew for a second or third time, and it will tell you how long the hotplate will continue to keep your pot of tea warm. There's a digital clock so you can set the machine to brew straight away, or later in the day or even for tomorrow morning's breakfast cuppa." For the full scoop (hehehe), including more photographs, click here.

I couldn't find any information on just where in the US this can be purchased. Their UK website is showing a price of £149.99 which - at today's exchange rate - is $265.60!!!!! Hopefully it won't be that expensive a gadget!!! Let us know if you find the Fine T Machine in your area.


Scarlett said...

that is awesome! I want this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,

I found the Fine T machine online at:

The price was a whopping $349.99 and that was the "Sale Price"

It would be fun to have but I still enjoy the time it takes to brew a lovely cuppu with my kettle and cup or favorite teapot.


Mary Jane

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Wow Mary Jane - thanks for the update. I'm with you - not much "ritual" to a T machine, is there???

mjjames1 said...

I'm with Scarlett and I want one too!!

Also, what's wrong with using technology to make the process of making tea even better?!

It makes a change for us to be able to get something cheaper in the UK than in the USA!

If the Tea Machine is too expensive, what about some Loose Teas instead?

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