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Friday, August 29, 2008

Five Colours Tea

Srimangal is famous for having the largest tea gardens in the world and is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh. Covered by the lush green carpet of tea plants, it is called "the land of two leaves and a bud". Tourists can have a look at the terraced tea garden and pineapple, rubber and lemon plantations. The visitor to a tea estate there is greeted by sweet smells and a pretty landscape that will beguile the imagination.
If you ever find yourself in the area, make a trip to the Finlay’s Tea Estate for a glass of Five Colours Tea. Look for a tea shack on a small road. There, as the legend runs, are two brothers who have invented a new way to make a brew - the most exotic, most exulted Tea of Five Colours. The brothers have never told anyone their secret recipe, nor have they ever left the shack they operate.

Those who have tasted Five Colours Tea describe it as simply incredible. A glass arrives with five layers of tea floating atop one another – yellow, pink, brown, white, and cream – and drinking it is amazing. The first sip is warm cinnamon, then sort of creamy milky, then ginger, then lemon, then honey. Because the layers do not mix, you either get it pure, or if you take too big a sip the flavours mix together to create another brilliant sensation in your mouth.

The Tea of Five Colours.....Uniquely Tea!


martha said...

This is very intersting, Denise. I looked at their website but did not find any clues.
In the '60s A pousse-café. a term for a layered drink prepared by gently adding each ingredient from densest to least dense in order to create colored stripes when the drink is viewed from the side was popular. But I am not knowledgeable about the density of teas to see how this could work. I would love to know more.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

So would I and a lot of other people, evidently - but apparently it's a big secret!!!

Angela McRae said...

Have never heard of this fascinating drink, but boy would I love to sample it!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Now this is a tea I would like to sample...I have never heard of it..very interesting...
Mo :-)

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