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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me! They picked me!!!

It is with much humility and appreciation that I accept the Just Plain Fun To Read award from tearoom owner, fellow-blogger, London tea traveler - and friend -Nancy Reppert of Rosemary's Sampler. I am new to blogging, and so consider this a real honor.

My blogging inspiration came from one of the first - if not THE first - blogs I started reading regularly, a local Charleston [S.C.] blog called Walk This Way. Blogger Joan Perry has a brilliant sense of humor, wit and whimsy, and her photographs are superb. She has led - and continues to lead - an interesting life and it is apparent in her posts that she is a person who LOVES life. I actually ran into her one day in Charleston, recognized her, and shouted out, "You're the Blog Lady!" She blushed. (I think I made her day.) Anyway, I just love her blog and visit it daily.

Joan, in the spirit of sharing, I would like to award YOU a Just Plain Fun To Read award because Walk This Way most certainly is!

And again, thanks to Nancy of Sweet Remembrances Tea Room and her (and her sister's) Rosemary's Sampler blog, for the award and for the lovely and thoughtful post about our magical London tour. You are the best!


joan said...

How fun! Thank you. You did indeed make my day. I told people I had been "Blog Spotted".

Thought of you as I drank pot after pot of tea in Scotland!

Phyllis said...

Kudos to you, Denise! I agree with Nancy's assessment wholeheartedly! I have many delightful blogs that I visit on a regular basis, but yours is a MUST every single day! Not only is it a fun blog, it's also informative. Thank you so much!

Rosemary said...

Keep up the good work Denise! Can't wait to read about even more unique tea info you have tucked in your files!
Thanks also for your kind words. They are appreciated!

Linda said...

Congratulations! I look forward to reading Uniquely Tea every day!

Steph said...

Well deserved!

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