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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Google Tea

When you Google (U.S.) the word "tea" here are the top ten tea companies in the order they appear:

1. Adagio Tea
2. Stash Tea
3. Upton Tea Imports
4. Republic of Tea
5. Golden Moon Tea
6. Revolution Tea
7. Harney & Sons
8. SpecialTeas
9. Mighty Leaf Tea Company
10. Yogi Tea

Are any of these your favorites?


Angela McRae said...

Ooh, yes indeed! Especially love Harney and Sons, love Upton. Actually, I think I've at least sampled all but Golden Moon and SpecialTeas. Maybe I need to try them as well!

Steph said...

Golden Moon tea is one of my favorites. It has some incredible blends, including the Coconut Pouchong (award-winner in 2007).

Tea Party Girl said...

Heheh. I'm reminded why I decided to compete for "tea party" Google searches and not "tea".

SpecialTeas is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Thanks for the feedback, tea lovers. I sense some samples ordering in my near future!

Frivolitea said...

I enjoy Harney & sons teas and particularly enjoyed visiting their tea tasting room back when it was in Connecticut. I hear they have since moved to New York (state). One of my favorites from Harney & sons is elyse's blend. It has a lovely honey-like flavor.

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