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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Book of the Week: "My Cup of Tea"

At the beginning of every week I showcase a favorite tea book from my collection. Since most of us are familiar with the "biggies" (Tea Lovers Treasury by Norwood Pratt; The Tea Companion by Jane Pettigrew; etc.) I'm pulling some of the perhaps lesser known books from my bookcase that you may hopefully find interesting.

Written by Sam Twining of the famous Twinings tea dynasty, I bought my copy of this book from the Twinings shop on The Strand in London, but it is available online through Amazon. Though only 64 pages it's full of unique tea information and superb photographs and images. It was here I learned that the Chinese put a real scallop shell as a scoop at the top of every chest, box, tub or pot of tea they exported- English silversmiths couldn't resist the idea which is why early caddy spoons were shaped like a shell!

A unique thing about this book is that it is - for the most part - the actual text that Mr. Twining uses in his presentations around the world on the subject of tea. It's a lovely book and a brilliant read.


Jennifer Petersen said...

Denise - thanks for bringing this to our attention! Yes, such a terrific book. I also enjoy Twinings' other tea related information including their blogs (by Lengemann, perhaps?) and short videos.

Steph said...

That sounds like a very interesting one! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tea Lover Denise,
Reading this article
I immediately remembered your warm recommendation of the book "Lyon Tea Shops" by Georgina Ferry on the Teamail List some years ago.
I am delighted to read your Uniquely Tea.

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